Linear Lies

Solo in-progress project in Unity3D

A project about revealing some of the complexity of vision.  One of the many cues we used to create a mental model of the world is linear perspective.

It’s why we can look at this disappearing road and know that the edges of the road are parallel even though they appear to intersect in the photo.

Linear Lies - Perspective Examples

Or it’s why you can look at those buildings and know that they are rectangles even though if you measured the angles at the corners in the picture, they wouldn’t 90 degrees.

Linear perspective has to do with the geometry of projecting a 3D world onto a 2D retina, and your brain solves it for you without requiring any conscious effort on your part.

This project is about simulating a world where linear perspective lies to you.  As you walk around, objects move and resize themselves to fake a certain perspective.  So even though you may only be in a space the size of a bedroom, you’ll feel as if you are walking through a banquet hall.

Animated screenshots of progress

So you may think you are looking down a desolate road in this animated gif:

Linear Lies - Flicker

Through some geometry manipulations in unity, you are being lied to – what you are actually seeing is something like this:

Linear Lies - Reveal

(If you stare at the second gif for a while, it becomes a bit of a necker cube when the camera is in motion.)


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