Escher Redux

Solo in-progress project in Unity3D

A reinterpreting of a prior game that I made about memory loss, but hopefully this time, a deeper take on it.  It’s about not having the thread that connects the moments in your life – inspired by patient HM.

You wonder around a desolate and foggy memory landscape.  You can walk through fragments of remembered moments, but those moments won’t stitch themselves together into a life.


You start in an abstracted landscape – a procedurally generated landscape.  You walk up to one of a number of bubbles spread out over the landscape and you enter a moment from your life.

This video shows one idea for the bubbles – glitchy, electric, deformed meshes.

A set of higher resolution screenshots of the outside and inside of the meshes:

Escher Redux - Outside Distortion

Escher Redux - Inside Distortion

Walking into a bubble would transition you to another space:

Escher Redux - Building

Escher Redux - Hospital

The foggy atmosphere hasn’t been added to the landscape yet, but below is an early prototype of a disorienting fog.


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