Experimental Media: Stationary Motion

I’ve been working on a particle system which is a type of system that involves generating a bunch of pieces that make a whole – like creating many falling blue dots to give the impression of a rain storm.

I’m interested in generating insect motion and then sort of calcifying it into a sculpture.  I’m thinking along the lines of long exposure photography where you let the shutter stay open for a long time, like this imagery of fireflies from Yume Cyan:

So along this thread, I built a particle system in openFrameworks that generates a bunch of triangles that fly around in 3D space.  Here’s an early version:

[vimeo 76582113 w=600]

And here’s a more recent version, where you can interact with the flying particles:

[vimeo 77340734 w=600]

So my thought is that you can play with the particles in real-time, and behind the scenes, the position of these particles over time is tracked and stored into a 3D object.  That 3D object, an artifact representing motion and interaction, can then be explored in a virtual world in Unity.  Here’s a snapshot of a single, swirly particle path that has been brought into Unity:

UnityParticlesIdeally, I want all of this to play out in Unity.  You are dropped into a world of buzzing and swooping triangles.  They follow you around as you move.  With the press of a button, the particles harden into an architecture – a space defined by your interaction and their motion.



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