Study One: Blink

So it has been nice having the experimental media class projects more-or-less assigned.  It means that I just need to get it done, and I don’t always have to see some artistic end goal in it.  (Though the course itself has the worthwhile end goal of getting us fluent in creative coding/hardware.)

That said, the rest of the time I’m trying to start my art practice.  I’ve been thinking of the types of things that I want to create.  I’ve been digging back into the roots of what got me into cognitive science back in college by reading some Oliver Sacks and associated scientific lit.  He describes all these fascinating (and depressing) cases of brain disorders.  I want to channel the strangeness of those people’s internal worlds into the things I make.

Along that path, I spent the last week or so making a series of ‘studies’ where I’m working through ideas (and trying to speed up how quickly I can go from idea to something concrete).

Here’s study one.



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