Experimental Media: Kaleidoscopes and Morse

So now I have left California, finished a thesis, obtained a Master’s degree and moved to this new [humid] place, Chicago, where I didn’t know anyone.  And I’m now a baby MFA student at SAIC in the Art and Technology program.

One of the classes that us first years have to take is Experimental Media where we get to practice creative coding (in openFrameworks) and creative hardware (in arduino).

The first big assignment was to build a morse encoder into an LED controlled by an arduino, and then use our webcam and openFrameworks to identify the LED and its timing in order to decode the morse.   Not exactly any overwhelmingly useful skill – morse code – but it was cool to send and receive information via light packets:

The next assignment gets into adding controllable knobs to the ardinuo and then using that interface to generate some graphics in openFrameworks.  I thought a kaleidoscope might be fun?  They are a remix of forms.  Anyway, here are some work-in-progress sketches.  I took to Flickr for some nature scene source material (“HDR Sunset, Costa Rica” by kansasphoto and “HDR” by Peterson Fialho de Carvalho) and started chopping and collaging via code.  Here are some screenshots.  I’ll post some video later.



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