The Game Trekking Omnibus (Jordan Magnuson)

This guy.  Jordan Magnuson, he made nine games about his experiences on his 2011, kickstarted-funded adventures in Cambodia, Vietnam, Taiwan and Korea.  They are all neatly packaged up on the game trekking site.

It’s a completely obvious statement to say that this ‘thing’ is authentic, but I’ve said it anyway.  The notgames are slow moving, but a couple manage to squeeze a lot of message into very little mechanic.  The sense of violence in “A Brief History of Cambodia” is unnerving.  “The Heartattack” is a race to destruction once it’s pace picks up.

Looking for a game to post today put me into a stupor.  I played a series of empty games that lacked an honesty, so stumbling across Jordan’s work was refreshing.  It’s not that any one of the games in the package is a knock-out.  It’s the approach.  I need to see more of these games-as-sketches in the future – ones that try to communicate the essence of an experience, a feeling or a chunk of wisdom.


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