Thirty Flights of Loving (Blendo Games)

Blendo Games is Brendon Chung.  Recently, he released Thirty Flights of Loving – a followup to Gravity Bone which was a followup to a series of other games in the Citizen Abel world.  You become a spy of legend whose story is shrouded in rumor.

Playing the pair of games is much like diving into the swarm of rumors and trying to piece them together.  The beauty is in the hands-off approach to narrative – and this becomes more apparent in Thirty Flights of Loving.  There’s a world full of details, but they aren’t thrust into your face, and they certainly aren’t essential to ‘finishing’ the game.  The player is respected as an intelligent participant.  So you’ll feel rewarded when you notice details – like if you pay attention, you’ll see some familiar faces in both games.

The games are funny, cleverly constructed and well-timed.  …but now it’s time for me to check out Black Mesa since I’ve never played the original Half-Life.


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