Ludum Dare 24: Evolution

Ludum Dare came around again – a massive showing of 1406 games (+5 from last LD).  Last post I made about LD came after the voting, so I mostly just checked out the top games from the various categories.  This time around I clicked through the 59 pages of games and checked out about 50.  That’s a paltry 3.5% of the total entries, but my eyes still felt like sandpaper when I was done.  (Yeah, I played them in one sitting.  That was dumb.)

The theme for this LD was a bit lame – Evolution – and if I ever see another game named “Unnatural Selection,” my mind will snap.   I’m sure I’ve missed some gems that will pop out once the voting is over, but for now, here are a handful that are worth checking out.

Plan M (MurrayL)

Seriously worth a solid laugh in its self-aware, point-and-click fashion.  Go for the enhanced edition.

Parental Guidance (Maple)

Surprisingly creepy and graphic for such a low resolution, 2D package.  Sound effects, the little dialogue blurbs and light switches were unsettling enough.  And then there’s that other stuff that happens.

Where am I? (AgentParsec)

I’m torn on this one.  I feel like most of it is a horror trope, but yet it’s still effective.  The bit that was unique was how the architecture appears to shift around.  It reminds me of something I saw about the Shinning’s architecture being physically impossible.

Evoland (ncannasse)

For a bit of nostalgia mainly

Crab (Mayto)

Very moody, though your ability to interact with the world is stunted by the slow-moving cursor (if you want to call it that).  But beyond that, it’s a different take on the point-and-click interaction.


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